Hello, world!

I tried not to be a webmiss for two (three?) years. I realized that having a website, and one that’s expected to come up with new stuff regularly, was taking up too much of my time – time that came so rarely since I started working – making fanworks and editing stuff was keeping me from writing and making my own. when FFD had some issues with its last host, I found myself hesitating on whether I should still bring it back or not. I thought that it was taking up too much effort out of me so I said I’d just drop it, maybe.

Two years later, after some soul-searching which involved plenty of making my own art and stories and stuff in general, here I am — finally I let myself listen to the people who kept saying ‘At least bring the stuff back online! We can still use your icons and wallies and layouts!’ So yep – Frail Frivolity Designs is back and under a new alias.

Welcome to Curiousest Designs. It’s not gonna be as good as FFD, and I don’t think I will ever be as active as back then, but here’s my little comeback, just bringing back my dear precious babies online, ’cause I think they’re better off out here than simply rotting on my hard drive. It’s more of a collective now than an active updating website, but hah, I managed!

Curiousest.Net was originally simply meant to be my online art portfolio, but plans change, so now under this network are two very special websites: Art @Curiousest, my art portfolio, where I also take Art Commissions, and Curiousest Designs, this very website you are viewing now.

Icons, renders, wallpapers, premades and templates are back online! I’ve since stopped making such graphics and designs seriously because I focused on my digital painting and novel writing, but I still do some edits now and then. Coding, too – comes off stranger to me nowadays. But who knows, I might just think of making stuff to add now and then!

I know that my works would be considered amateur or sucky now. But what really matters to me right now is seeing these works up again. Yeah, they might not be up to par with the latest standards, but hell, they still look good and looking at them now makes me see how I’ve grown through the years. Those layouts from when I was 16? Shit, they’re rough but hell I was proud of those. FFD was my first playground, my learning curve and my canvas, and I’m not apologetic about that.

I’ll put up the links of as much of my active link exchanges as I can – it doesn’t even matter if they still have my link or not. They’re all awesome and they deserve the mention.

Special thanks for my new hostess, Misaki of Three-Words.Net. She’s a lovely person who gratefully granted me space in her family of websites.

So to everyone who are just meeting this collective now – welcome.

And to those friends I knew before and have come to visit – I missed you! It’s good to be back.