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Curiousest Designs (formerly known as Frail Frivolity Designs) is a graphics and design resource site theming primarily on anime, manga and japanese art, dashed with some conceptual photography and lyrical typography. It is owned and maintained by Alison Jane de Silva (aka Koa-chan), an anime-manga enthusiast from the Philippines.

Frail Frivolity aimed to give anime, manga, game and design enthusiasts and lovers quality graphics like icons and wallpapers, resources such as renders, and designs such as the pre-made layouts and layout templates. It served as a personal creative playground for the webmiss, and the content closely followed her whims and interests.

The site was founded on July 7, 2007 and was  online until 2012 under Art-Lovers.Net hosting services. It’s been two years since then, but at the insistence of some very special people, who really wanted the designs and collections back online, the mistress decided to create Curiousest Designs, part of the Curiousest Network, her personal playground, to showcase the old stuff from FFD.

Curiousest will not be actively updating as the the mistress is currently focused on original art and fiction, but she still hopes that you’ll find some of her offers here useful. And who knows? Maybe a random wallpaper or icon set will just pop out one of these days. ^_^

short history

Under the alias Frail Frivolity Designs, the site has had different hosts, namely the following:

Below were the faces of the site through these years. You may find some familiar if you’ve dropped by before.

And now, as Curiousest Designs, the site is under:

the webmiss

mistressALISON JANE. Koa-chan. Alison, Alice, Ali,  Alls, Koa-san, Kuchi.
Born January 15, 1993. Philippines. Webmistress, creative writer, graphics and web designer.

Proud loving doting webmistress and freelance graphics/web designer. Loud ranting stressed occasional blogger. Creative writer. A Big Nerd.

Married to anime and manga. Obsessive bookworm and impulsive bookbuyer. Digs anything handmade. Likes making her own shit. Sings to self. Loves oldies, alternatives, 90’s OPM, punk cabaret and pop-rock.

Writes stories. Designs things. Sniffs books. Destroys worlds. Baffles many. Partly-sensible friend, legal alien and your everyday freak of nature.


  • Curiousest.Net – her playground, just an entry page, really.
  • Art Portfolio – her art portfolio, in case you’d like to see my creative works outside of FFD
  • Facebook – personal profile, friends, and the like
  • Fanfiction.Net – FANFIIIICCCSSS! — Fairy Tail, Bleach, Code Geass, Double Arts, Loveless, Soul Eater
  • Personal Tumblr – Tumblelog of various stuff
  • Lyrics Tumblr – Tumblelog with Ellie, contains typography in the name of our love for music and lyrics
  • Art & Lit Tumblr - Tumblelog for showing off, I post works and doodles here more often

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