Links Out

Former Affiliates and Link Exchanges

Here are some of the best and talented designers, artists, friends and co-warriors I’ve known during FFD’s long stay in the net. There were around 90 in my list back when the site is active, but after a sweep of dead link after all this time, we still got some strong ones up!

Go pay these awesome people a visit.

53 Blue Dogs by Aihara-chan,Grieved Lightness by Chou,Oracle by Varsha
Purple Fuse by Sarah,AMthird by Kibumie,Animara by EternalSorrow
Rebirth by Nadja & Kaitlyn,K.O. Designs by Abi,Captured Fragments by Jayme
Celestial Star by Melfina,Kokoro by Rei,ShadowFire by ShadowFire
Sonatina Designs by Cali,Cloud Realms by Cloudy,Station by Justin
Cyanide by Shini,Dash of Color by Rin,Kuusou PNGs by Yukie,
Divine Designs by Natty,Luanne Love by Luanne,Lunar Eclipse by Kai
Towaraito Graphics by Dark,Endless Dreamers by Fay,Flamboyant by Nise
Okashii by Lily, Hakanai Paper by Brandi


Credits and Resources

Here are the websites that I got resources from. They have fonts, useful textures, nifty patterns, awesome brushes, fantastic tutorials, kick-ass inspirational designs. Visit to obtain the wide range of resources they offer. We can’t get enough free goodness in the world.

Aethereality by Ivy,Angelic Trust by Shiricki, by Janita
Anime Rain by Starfire,Colorfilter by Tea,In Obscuro by Nela Dunato
The Fifth Muse by Annika von Holdt,Brusheezy by Eezy Team,Echoica by Michelle
Imprints by Linzee,Akatsuki Designs by Rei,Five Points Apart by Geng Hao
Horizon Road by Iris,CrazyKira Resources by CrazyKira,Shizoo by Curly
Fairytaled by Ellen X,Minitokyo,Pixiv