Terms of Use

Please read the following terms before downloading or taking anything from the site.

If you spot anyone who did not follow these rules, please report abuse via the contact form immediately. Thank you!

General Terms

All materials, articles and properties of the site.

  1. Do not claim my graphics and designs as your own.
  2. Do not tamper or remove any watermarks/links back.
  3. Do not archive my graphics and designs without permission.
  4. Correctly link back to Curiousest Designs at all times when a link back is required.

Premade Designs

ALL premade layouts found in this site.

  1. Do NOT claim the layouts as your own.
  2. Do NOT tamper or remove the watermark.
  3. Do NOT replace the graphics with your own.
  4. Do NOT copy and use my HTML/CSS coding for your own layouts.
  5. Converting my layout codes to WordPress or Blogger or other blogging platform themes are acceptable, but I will not be doing the coding and you will have to do this yourself. However, keep in mind that Curiousest Designs must be credited at the very least for LAYOUT DESIGN in EVERY page using my premade.
  6. NO archiving of my designs without permission.
  7. Watermarks, links back to Curiousest Designs and the credits must NOT be removed and MUST work properly when using my layouts.

Layout Templates

ALL layout templates found in this site.

  1. Do NOT claim the layout coding as your own. At most, as you modify these layouts, they are considered collaborations.
  2. NO archiving of my templates without permission.
  3. You MAY replace the headers and other images with your own works/images and remember to use proper credits.
  4. You MAY modify sizes, colors and font styles, but NOT the overall layout, e.g. where the navigation is placed, etc.
  5. Watermarks, links back to Curiousest Designs and the credits must NOT be removed and MUST work properly when using my layout templates.

Web Graphics and Resources

All icons, wallpapers, and renders in this site.

  1. A link back is required if you use my renders/PNGs for making your own graphics/designs.
  2. Icons do NOT require links back, but please do NOT claim them as your own.
  3. Do NOT claim my graphics as your own.
  4. Do NOT remove my signatures on the wallpapers and signs.
  5. Do NOT use my wallpapers for making your own graphics, like cropping them for banners, buttons and icons.
  6. NO archiving of my graphics without my permission.

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