About the Site

Curiousest Designs is an archive containing old designs from the now-defunct Frail-Frivolity Designs. Frail-Frivolity had aimed to give anime, manga, game and design enthusiasts and lovers quality graphics like icons and wallpapers, resources such as renders, and designs such as the pre-made layouts and layout templates. It served as a personal creative playground for the webmiss, and the content closely followed her whims and interests.

It was owned and is still being maintained by Ali (aka Koa-chan), an anime-manga enthusiast from the Philippines. The site was founded on July 7, 2007 and was  online until 2012 under Art-Lovers.Net hosting services. At the insistence of some very special people, who really wanted the designs and collections back online, Ali decided to create Curiousest Designs, part of the Curiousest Network, her personal playground, to showcase the old stuff from FFD.

Curiousest Designs is officially an ARCHIVE, only meant as a gallery of old designs. It will not be actively updating, but all resources are still available for download for personal use/reference in accordance to the site’s Terms of Use.

Previous Versions

Frail-Frivolity.Net has had different homes through the years:

  • SiteSled – as anomalous-trance.sitesled.com
  • Freehostia – as frail-frivolity.freehostia.com
  • ESSENXA.NET by Ydreece/Rain – as frail-frivolity.essenxa.net
  • Chanlu.Org by Charlotte and Rogelio – as frail-frivolity.chanlu.org
  • Art-Lovers.Net by Rain as frail-frivolity.net
  • Currently: Curiousest.Net by Ali as designs.curiousest.net

Below were the faces of the site through these years. You may find some familiar if you’ve dropped by before.

The Designer

ALISON JANE DE SILVA is a creative writer, freelance digital illustrator and graphics/web designer from the Philippines. She created this site and the designs in it as a hobby during her high school and college years.

Check out her current works at:

  • Curiousest.Net – a playground and a collective.
  • Art Portfolio – digital illustrations and recent designs.
  • Art & Lit Blog – regularly updated Tumblr blog containing both original and fandom-related art and written works.

Contact Information

For reports, inquiries or related messages, you may email me at ali@curiousest.net.

Requests are only applicable for existing designs (e.g. a specific resolution for a wallpaper, etc.). I will not be accepting requests to make free layouts/icons/graphics/designs, but I accept paid commissions – details can be found in my art portfolio.

Affiliation and Link Exchange are closed.