Terms of Use

Here are simple terms of usage to follow for all designs and resources in this archive.

  1. Please do not claim any graphics, layouts and designs as your own.
  2. Please do not tamper or remove any watermarks/links back.
  3. Please do not archive my graphics and designs elsewhere without permission.
  4. All graphics, layouts and designs are intended for personal use only. Please do not sell or redistribute any of my designs without permission. Similarly, kindly report any instance of abuse or improper usage of my designs. They are not and will never be for profit or commercial use. Any person or organisation demanding payment for any of these designs are doing so illegally.
  5. Correctly link back to designs.curiousest.net at all times when a link back is required.

For Pre-made Website Designs:

  1. All pre-made website designs are made with both graphics and content in mind. Please do not replace the layout’s graphics with your own. You may, however, use my HTML/CSS coding for educational/reference purposes.
  2. You are allowed to convert my pre-made layouts as Tumblr, WordPress or other blogging platform themes. However, please at least credit Curiousest Designs for the layout’s graphics/design in every page using my pre-made.
  3. Watermarks, links back and the credits must not be removed and must work properly when using my layouts.

For icons and wallpapers:

  1. Icons and wallpaper do not require credit/links back, but please do not claim them as your own.
  2. Do not use my wallpapers for making your own graphics, like cropping them for banners, buttons and icons.

For reports, inquiries or related messages, you may drop an email at ali@curiousest.net.